The MoniLog Product


  • Daily reports in html format - accessible with any browser - For a sample report click here.
  • Summary displayed with free space on the disk holding the logs, number of events, etc...
  • Reports published to web site - can be enabled or disabled
  • Configurable font size, customizable headers
  • Reports emailed to administrators - can be enabled or disabled
  • Repetitive events consolidated - based on configurable threshold, color-coded
  • Filters - include or exclude based on keywords, color coded
  • Filters - based on event type, color coded
  • Links to event IDs database - main link to the Altair Technologies Event ID database and then to customized searches for the specific event ID at Microsoft, Google and Dogpile. Our database is updated daily by our consultants. If there is a query for an event that does not exist in our database, our consultants are automatically notified and research is performed for that specific event ID.
  • Reports are generated at regular intervals (typically once a day, early morning) - fully configurable
  • Each license can be configured with different settings and run against the same logs (for various administration groups)
  • Multilanguage support: English, French, German
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