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Tired of periodically checking the Windows NT, 2000 or XP Event Logs? Then MoniLog is for you. It analyses Windows Events collected by EventReporter and generates easy to read reports. [more...]

Looking for a syslog daemon for Windows? You are very close - please visit www.winsyslog.com to find one!

MoniLog 2.0 available! Now analyze events from non-Windows systems. [more...]

Detailed configuration guideline for central Windows event monitoring available. View our step by step guide!

Have a look at the product features and see how easy it can be to monitor Windows event logs.

MoniLog is part of Adiscon's MonitorWare line of products. If you look for a complete monitoring solution, consider teaming up with the other components.

MoniLog is tightly integrated into the EventID.Net database, an online resource for information about Windows NT/2000/XP event logs.

MoniLog is developed by Adiscon in collaboration with Altair Technologies. It works with Adiscon WinSyslog and Adiscon EventReporter. MoniLog is analyzing the events centralized through WinSysLog and EventReporter and creates reports in html format.

Interested in unlimited free updates and priority support? Here is good news: Adiscon's UpgradeInsurance, available immediately. [more...]

MoniLog is Microsoft Windows 2003 ready!

After using MoniLog for two weeks I could hardly open EventViewer again! The nice web-based reports put me just one click away of identifying the cause of the problems reported in event logs.

Sorin Ciulpan, Consultant,
Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., Toronto, Canada

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